[Herald Interview] ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’ director, actor say drama consoled them

时间:2023-12-07 15:49:18 来源:aria slot

Netflix original series “Daily Dose of Sunshine,” set in a psychiatric ward, has quickly spread by word of mouth since its Nov. 3 release, with many viewers praising the 12-episode series.

As of Wednesday, the TV drama ranked fourth on the non-English top 10 TV chart for Netflix. It was listed among the top 10 shows in 28 regions, according to Netflix.

Unlike other successful medical dramas like “Behind the White Tower” (2007), “Dr. Romantic” (2016) and “Hospital Playlist” (2020), “Daily Dose of Sunshine” deals with an issue that most people would likely have suffered at some point in their life: psychological difficulties.

Based on the novel of the same title by Lee Ra-ha, a former psychiatric ward nurse, the series was a healing salve for the director, actors and staff, according to director Lee Jae-gyu and actor Park Bo-young. Park plays Jung Da-eun, a kind-hearted nurse dealing with a variety of patients and colleagues.